Project for How to Spot a “Free Lunch” Scam

Additional Investment Fraud Prevention Activities

You don’t need to attend a free lunch seminar to protect others from investment fraud. Here are a few other ways you can help in as little as five minutes!

  • Send AARP free lunch seminar invitations or advertisements.

If you get an invitation in the mail or see an advertisement for a free lunch seminar in the newspaper, sending it to AARP is an easy way to help. Knowing how these seminars are marketed helps AARP and securities regulators determine if investment professionals are truly working in the best interest of investors. Send materials by mail to:

AARP Free Lunch Monitor Program

PO Box 93028

Long Beach, CA 90809

or scan and email invitations to

  • Send regulators tips and complaints.

Visit for more information and to report abuse if you believe your family and friends — or you — have been defrauded or treated unfairly by a securities professional or firm.